Nurses, CNAs or Med Techs looking to earn extra income?

After joining our pool of nurses we provide you with part time positions at partnered healthcare facilities that are in need of staffing.

There are always new positions becoming free at facilities throughout North Carolina that need your expertise!

Fill out our Pre-Qualification form now to begin the process of joining our pool of Qualified nursing staff!

Here are some of the benefits our pool of nurses enjoy...

We are always open and receive calls from facilities and nurses
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our phones are also on 24/7 and do not use answering machines.  If you have an emergency we are just a phone call away, even after normal business hours.

The nurses, CNAs and Med Aids we staff enjoy flexible scheduling.

Paid Twice Weekly - We will even take your deposit to the bank for you!

Do you need more detailed information or have more questions?

Send us a message now and we will respond as soon as time permits!!